• Rolls Royce Ghost

    A picture speaks a thousand words. Making the saying true to its word we have some gorgeous pictures of Rolls Royce Ghost which we show the experience of captivating luxury. The breath taking pictures awaken all the six senses, Rolls Royce has been hard at work to indulge all the six senses into delivering a grand experience.
    This extended wheel base design is not only gives an exceptional ride quality but also delivers on all cylinders.

  • Check out our new addition to our collection – Bentley Mulsanne

    We’d like to welcome on board our newest addition – the Bentley Mulsanne. Since we specialize in luxury car hire, it seemed apt to add one of the newest luxury vehicles out there to our collection. The Bentley Mulsanne is a thing of beauty – in performance and aesthetics – and it’s been a long time coming. The Mulsanne is the first car to be independently designed by Bentley in 80 years, with each car taking 12 weeks to produce. Which is why every model is as carefully crafted and finely tuned as is expected of a Bentley.

  • What Other Wedding Can I Have?

    Aside from the traditional church or registry office weddings there doesn’t appear to be a great deal of choice for those who want to think outside the box. Of course there are other traditions that seem to have faded into obscurity, such as handfasting.  A handfasting ceremony dates back to before the medieval period and is rumored to come from the idea of striking a bargain, much in the same way we now shake hands when we do a deal.  It comes from an old Norse term ‘hand-festa’ and is a temporary or permanent form of a contract.

  • At the Centre of Attention

    At a wedding ceremony it is usually the bride who is the centre of attention. Throughout the day, all eyes are on her as she walks up the aisle, stands next to her groom and listens as the guests ‘hum and haw’ at how radiant she looks. Once the ceremony is over, all eyes follow her as the photographs are taken with her beloved, her friends and her family. Then, the reception is the next port of call and this is usually a sit down dinner with place settings for each guest and a three course meal.

  • Should you Invest in a Bespoke Wedding Dress for your Big Day?

    Your wedding is a once in a lifetime event, and all brides want to look their best for their big day, so should you invest extra cash in the bespoke wedding dress of your dreams, or buy off the rack?  Generally, wedding dresses languish in the cupboard after your wedding day, so is it really worth spending the extra money on a bespoke dress if it will only be worn once?
    Don’t Break the Bank

  • Choosing the Perfect Wedding Dress for your Shape

    You only get married once, and every bride deserves to look her very best for what is surely the biggest day of her life!  Choosing a wedding dress from the vast selection available can be a challenge, but with a little knowledge of your body shape and what styles suit you, choosing a wedding dress can turn into a joyous event rather than one which reduces you to tears.
    What Shape is my Body?
    Roughly speaking, women’s bodies fall into one of the following six categories:

  • T’is the Season

    What exactly is ‘wedding season’? That phrase gets bandied about quite often and most of the time the ‘season’ refers to spring or summer. Let’s face it, most people don’t want to get married in the middle of winter when the rain or snow is going to affect the entire day. Your lovely white dress gets dragged through wet mud, your ivory slippers turn a murky shade of ‘yuck’, your pristine wedding car get’s splattered with grime and the temperature being moderate to freezing, is not ideal for your dream day.

  • How to Find the Perfect Phantom

    Rolls Royce Phantom Chauffeur hire is one perfect way to spend a day in a luxury car. You don’t need to have loads of money to experience the opulent life if you hire a Phantom just for one day. It doesn’t even need to be because you are getting married. It can be because you have a special birthday to celebrate, or a special anniversary, or you just want to take your loved one out for the day to celebrate Valentine’s Day.

  • The Funky Phantom

    The Rolls-Royce Phantom Drophead Coupé is one of the most funky cars ever designed by Rolls Royce. The open-top car has bags of class and elegance, coupled with some serious attitude. In the eighty-eight years since the first Phantom rolled out of the Rolls Royce factory, the Phantom has been at the forefront of Rolls Royce precision engineering and excellence. Always looking to improve upon previous models, Rolls Royce takes every advantage of new technology and design features and incorporates them into each of their new Phantom models.

  • Don’t be Spooked by the Phantom

    Have you ever wondered why Rolls Royce name their cars after apparitions? Think about it, the Rolls Royce Silver Ghost, the Rolls Royce Shadow and the Rolls Royce Phantom. Kind of makes a person think, but there is an obvious conclusion that we could draw. Perhaps, the way Rolls Royce cars behave has something to do with it. What are apparitions famous for? Well, they glide, they are silent and they seem to appear out of nowhere because we rarely hear them coming. That pretty much sums up the way a Rolls Royce car does its thing.